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The Renshinkai Southern Academy Members Attend
2nd BIKO Training Course in Cambridge

Another successful BIKO training course took place in Cambridge on Sunday 1st February 2004 at the Sports and Tennis Centre. Over 40 students took part in the session and by the feedback couldn't wait for the next course.

The session was taken by the Chief Instructor, Kaicho Garth Waldropt and the Executive Members of BIKO, Elan Adams, Ken Henville, Peter Ashby and Gerry Coulter. Nick Macffren one of the senior grades in Biko, was also a co-instructor on the course.

The course was split into three parts: Basic kihon, pair work and kumite. It was good to see so many instructors on the course actually training. Also at the course were some Renshinkai students who made the journey with their parents.

At this course there were three Instructors who were awarded the grade of 5th Dan for their contributions to karate. They were Sensei Mick Bazlewycz from Kempo, Sensei Nick Macfarren Kage Tora Karate Kai and finally Sensei Alvin Walters from Renshinkai. Well done to all of them.

The next main event on RSA's events list is the Junior tournament to be held at the Brixton Recreation Centre on Sunday 28th March 2004. Further details can be obtained from Kaicho Garth Waldropt on 07961 179 389