Another successful Renshinkai Course

Renshinkai Karate held its second training course at the Thornton Heath Leisure Centre on Sunday 24th April 2005. The senior grades were, Sensei Garth Waldropt 6th Dan, Sensei Lloyd Williams 6th Dan, Sensei Elan Adams 6th Dan, and Sensei Alvin Walters 5th Dan.

The event, was supposed to start at 10.00am, but didn’t begin until 10.20am because of the amount of students registering. The course was split into various sections, which were, warm-up, basic techniques, ippons, kata, free sparring and warm down.

Over 100 students attended this event and the feedback from both students and parents were very positive. The next planned event is a Renshinkai tournament for its students. This will be held once again at the Thornton Heath Leisure Centre, on Sunday 13th November.

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Anyone interested in starting karate, can contact Garth Waldropt on

M : (44) 07961 179 389