Beechwood School Funday

The karate display held at the Beechwood School funday on Sunday 19th June was a great success. The children demonstrated their skills that they had learned during the year, which included a warm-up, basic punches and kicks. A few of them showed their kata and did some kumite (free sparring).

Congrats to all the children that took part. Shaquela y6, Kaina y5, Omar y5, Ibrahim y4, Jermaine y4, Tianna y3, Daniel B y3, Benson y3, Micah y3, Alexander y2, Akil y2 and Stephen y1

It was a lovely day and some parents sat on the grass while the display took place and others walked around while sampling the good food that was on sale. The Beechwood School PTA ran the event, which was a hit.

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